Perivolos Tavern

Perivolos Taverna Santorini
Perivolos Tavern

Since 1981

Over 40 years of gastronomic tradition

For over 40 years Perivolos Taverna, on the seafront of the most famous beach of Santorini, has welcomed you to a traditional environment with the same passion and zeal for good quality food.

We invite you on a journey of authentic tastes of the Mediterranean Greek Cuisine and the rich gastronomic tradition of Santorini.

Perivolos Taverna

Authentic gastronomic experience

In our taverna, fresh fish and seafood are ourde priority.

Every day, depending on the season, we endeavour to choose the freshest fish and seafood from the local fisherman and the fishing boats of the island.

Perivolos Taverna identifies with Santorinian home cooked dishes and fresh meat.

Every day we prepare from fresh, local products and ingredients, traditional dishes and meat  on our charcoal grill.

Our cuisine can satisfy the most demanding visitors due to our variety of choices.

Fresh seafood, Mediterranean dishes (pasta, risotto), Greek traditional cuisine, Santorianian specialities and a wide selection of meat.


Our traditional grill

We say we are traditional and we mean it!

What defines us from the other restaurants on the island is our traditional stone built grill which dominates the entrance of the taverna.

The method of cooking the food on charcoal gives a special taste not only to the fish but also to the meat. Enhancing its natural aromas and defining the intensity of its flavours.

Our experienced grill chef lights the fire every morning to prepare the charcoal which will slowly broil the fish, meat and even the vegetable and mushrooms.

This is why everyone that samples our chargrilled seafood and meat enjoys a taste which remains unforgettable.

The beach

Perivolos taverna constitutes much more that a place for fantastic tastes.

It is a place where it can serve you from the first light of the sun until late at night.

Your day begins and ends here!

Weddings & Events

Our exquisite beachside position, the configuration of our space and our amazing cuisine, are just a few reasons why your wedding reception, baptism, festivities or other social event will be simply perfect.

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Why choose us

Every visitor to Santorini should be aware and visit Perivolos Taverna.

On an island where restaurants are in abundance, tradition is something which is slowly becoming elusive.

At our taverna you can enjoy authentic, unique flavours of Mediterranean Greek and Santorinian cuisine in an original traditional environment directly on the beach, combining with bathing on the most popular beach of the island.

For those with families, we are the perfect choice as the children can enjoy the sea and sun at our spacious grounds at the beach.

Open all year round, with private parking for your convenience.

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