Perivolos Tavern

Perivolos Taverna Santorini

Amazing Variety

Straight from the sea to your plate

Fresh Fish

In our taverna, fresh fish and seafood are our priority.

Every day, depending on the season, we endeavour to choose the freshest fish and seafood from the local fisherman and the fishing boats of the island.

All of our fish is caught daily. You will never find frozen or farmed fish in our taverna.

From our large refrigerated display, you can select your own fish which will then be weighed in front of you.

Dependant on the season, you will find small fish such as sardines and bogue, or larger fish such as seabream, grouper, mullet, Aegean lobster and much more.

We also have an excellent variety of seafood with octopus, cuttlefish, squid, shrimps and mussels being among the many choices.

All of our fish is cooked on our charcoal grill with artful passion.

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